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Instajobs acquired by Academic Work

Instajobs was acquired by Academic Work in 2019.

Staffing & Recruitment

AW Instajobs

Instajobs is a staffing app for staffing temp jobs on-demand within administration, service, teaching and marketing. Create a company account and find your consultant in minutes. Simple, reliable and available staffing.

Launch Date
June 2016
Managing Director(s)

On-demand staffing 

Instajobs offers on-demand staffing when the need for speed exceeds the need for a competence-based recruitment process. Hence, through Instajobs anyone can easily and in a manner of minutes, find and hire someone to fill in to cover the reception, help out during an event or help you pack those give-away bags. With on-demand staffing, your workday becomes so much easier. Our vision is to become the local matchmaker of jobs, anywhere in the world. 


Self-service platform 

Our service is available through our self-service platform, like having your own staffing agency right there in your back pocket. Find us on App Store and Google Play and create your own account in seconds. Once you need someone to help out you just publish your instajobs, choose the right instajobber and sign him or her with just one click.


Our instajobber network

We are extra proud of our instajobbers helping clients every day. To become an instajobber you have to be enrolled at a university or college, and be over 18 years old. Through our black-box recruitment process we then select instajobbers based on personal competences such as flexibility, service-mind and problem solving skills. Competences we now ensures they can take on any new task with a smile.


Authorized staffin agency and employer

All consultants hired through our platform our always employed by us.  As we are an authorized staffing agency we are covered by a wide range of necessary insurances, collective agreements for consultant salary and benefit across active industries and we follow ethical industry standards within staffing.

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