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Happo is on a mission to simplify, the recruitment process for all hiring managers. By building a smart recruitment tool that manage all candidate, evaluation, communication and collaboration we are reinventing how hiring managers can work and collaborate regarding recruitment. When you need your recruitment process to be modern, streamlined and to connect everything and everyone, Happo has you covered.

Launch Date
August 2016
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Recruitment made easy

Happo is an intuitive recruitment platform for you as a hiring manager. It's smart, powerful and easy to use. We want you to be able to focus on the real deal – hiring the right talent. Happo is the software that puts everything and everyone together. Managing a recruitment process with multiple stakeholders, suppliers, clients and candidates can be complex and chaotic. We make sure it isn’t.

Manage your recruitments

Getting applicants in your email can be messy. Easily create new positions and have them visualized in a streamlined overview.

Make great decisions together

Hiring doesn't need to be a solo affair. Build your recruitment hub where you share templates and standards for your recruitment processes.

Get more people on board

Sometimes filling a position is part of a bigger picture. Invite suppliers and clients into your pipeline for even larger efforts.

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