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Digitalent is our rapidly growing IT consultant firm. With a great emphasis on building a strong culture and having an employee driven agenda they attract and recruit highly qualified IT consultants, with more professional experience than the general Academic Work consultant.

Launch Date
March 2017
Managing Director(s)

The one and only place for digital talent!

Digitalent's consultants are experts within agile development, UX, data driven BI, testing and product development. But not only does technical edge and innovation get them going, they also want to create new knowledge. Both for you, themselves and the more junior Academic Work community around them. Because, besides loving technology, Digitalent truly loves people. That characterizes them and their way of working! And that is why highly talented IT consultants keep on coming to Digitalent from all over the market!

The only place where you can combine digital projects with long term recruitment!

Besides providing IT organizations with high technical expertise, Digitalent can help their clients with full scale digital projects with a unique delivery model. Digitalent combine their senior consultants with ambitious junior consultants from Academic Work. And when the project is delivered, Digitalent leave with the possibility to hire the junior IT consultants that has joined the project. We call it project and recruitment in the same package, the best parts from two worlds!

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