People Spotlight

Sara Sjöberg

Head of Instajobs
Sara Sjöberg

What’s your background?

I have a bachelor in Human Resources and a background within banking, staffing, recruitment and HR. Before I started working at Instajobs I worked at the subsidiary Academic Work with HR, mainly within learning and development. I’ve been working with creating and implementing processes in most of my previous positions which has been of great value when building a company.

A colleague told me that they were going to recruit a founders team to a startup that would develop a mobile application for jobs on demand. I truly believed in the idea of being a digital matchmaker for jobs and wanted to know more. At that time I was not planning on changing job but I realized I was just to curious about Instajobs not to apply. So I took a leap of faith and as you say, the rest is history.

What’s most exciting about your job?

That it’s so dynamic and that I always get to learn and try new things, think outside the box and challenge both myself and my surroundings. But mostly I love the fact that what I do and perform at work has such a great impact on where we are heading and that I can directly contribute to our growth.  

Where do you see Instajobs going next?

Today we are offering short temp jobs for students in Swedens 3 largest citites. Within the coming year we will expand to more cities in Sweden. In the long run I want us to conquer the world and be the leading digital matcher for all kind of jobs.

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