People Spotlight

Jukka Pulkkinen

Managing Director (FI)
Jukka Pulkkinen

How did you come in contact with Academy?

I started my journey in the AW Family in 2009 as an Account Manager at Academic Work Finland and then moved up as a Team Manager in 2010. Between 2012-2017 I was responsible for the whole Finnish sales organization as Head of Sales, and during that time Academic Work Finland grew from 10M€ to 30M€ in revenue and the sales organization grew from 15 people to over 40 people. In that role I was always interested in new opportunities to increase our sales and therefore I got involved with Academy which was planning an expansion to other countries outside of Sweden. As Head of Sales I was responsible for the launch of Academy in Finland 2017 together with the Finnish management team. During that time we didn’t have an organization in place yet, we were doing it along our normal job duties. After the launch was successful it was decided that Academy will establish its own organization in Finland January 2018 and start scaling up the business. For me it was a natural career step to join the new team as Managing Director of Academy Finland after my experience with the launch in 2017.

What’s most exciting about your job?

One might say that I don’t have any work day that's the same as others, and that is quite true. You never know what will happen the next day or the next week and that is exciting for me as a person who loves challenges and new things. My background is from sales and when launching a new business it is all about sales because without that you are not able to scale up. In this role I have been able to influence on sales and participate on client meetings together with Academic Work Account Managers. The thing I am most excited for is of course our team which is amazing and everyone giving their best, and the fact that we are truly changing people’s lives during our 12 weeks intensive training programs.

Where do you see Academy going next?

Academy Finland is just starting our journey and I feel there is lot to be done in the area of reskilling and upskilling. The pace of change is growing by the minute and therefore we need more and more new ways how people can get new skills and change careers in a short timeframe. We are now focusing on teacher led training which is on-site, but we have lot of possibilities for example using online trainings as part of the offering as well. We are shaping the future of education.

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