People Spotlight

Johan Bäck Persson

Managing Director (NO)
Johan Bäck Persson

What did you do before you started working at Academy?

Before I started in my role as MD for Academy Norway I worked 5 years for Academic Work in Stockholm as Account Manager. Through my job within sales I helped a lot of clients with consultants through Academy and was fascinated about the large potential in the Academy concept. When the opportunity came to start up Academy in Norway it was a crystal clear choice for me to get on the train!

What’s most exciting about your job?

Since we are in early stage in Norway during our launch year of our first program, every day is exciting with new challenges which I appreciate a lot. The most fun is the daily interaction with the clients, consultants and the teacher with new interesting relationships to develop.

What can we expect from you and Academy Norway in the near and distant future?

So far we have had a great start in our launch in Norway and know we are soon through the startup phase and moving into a scale up phase of the business. So you can expect to follow an interesting journey the upcoming years in Norway were we plan to establish us as a trusted local education firm with a great reputation!

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