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Building companies using the resources we have within our family

At AWX we build companies using the resources, structures, processes and people that we have within the AW Family. Read more about what services we offer our portfolio companies below.


The basis for establishing a partnership for us is that we want to build a company together. How our partnership is structured differ depending on the specific company.  We offer partnerships ranging from helping to fund/build a company to minority investments.


AW Family we have 20 years of company experience in building a successful enterprise in the AW Family. In 20 years we have grown our core business into a 300 million euro company. Combined with our skilled co-workers we can offer best practice know-how in areas such as management, business strategy, business development, sales strategy and organizational structure.


By being part of AW Family you gain access to a full service marketing organization that can offer you all the skills and services to build and execute an excellent marketing strategy. We have highly skilled in-house teams within digital marketing, media production, marketing strategy and more.

National & international expansion

A common obstacle in scaling a business is finding a place to house your business. AW Family has office premises in 7 countries and can offer your business space to grow and to establish a foothold in all our current markets with existing infrastructure and office services such as reception, IT, etc.

IT Development

Whether your business is a digital product or a physical service it's likely that it's essential for you to have access to great developers in order to build great services and products. By partnering with AWX you gain access to our in-house developers as well as the possibility to quickly scale your business via our senior IT consultants from our portfolio company Digitalent.

IT Infrastructure

As an AWX company you can tie into an existing robust IT infrastructure where your daily IT needs "just works". Ready agreements for equipment, tools & services as well as support.

Human Resources

Building and scaling a successful business is all about attracting, developing and retaining the best people. HR is at the core of the AW Family. We have been voted "Best employer of the year" 2 years in a row and can offer you proceses, support and servcies within recruitment, leadership development, talent management, performance management, labor law and payroll services.


Running a business requires legal support. AWX offers legal support and services to all AWX companies.


If you need assistance in making large purchases we have a dedicated purchasing department that can support you.


At AWX we offer administrative services within Finance such as accounting, invoicing, credit collection, business controlling and more.

Network and Family Frame Agreements

Last but not least we have a big network that we can help you get access to. In the AW Family we do on average 3000 client meetings every week. We have one of Northern Europe's largest candidate databases of Young Professionals, we have access to mentors for talented co-workers as well as a network of successful entrepreneurs that can provide excellent insights and input in growing your business.


We have a thorough governance structure in place for all companies helping you in your journey towards success. This involves monthly performance reviews, forecasting and financial reporting, KPI toolsets etc.

6 companies and growing

Since our beginnings in 2015 we have started and acquired 6 companies. We are constantly growing and on the lookout for new interesting business opportunities.

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