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We build companies for life

At AWX we build businesses where talented people are at the core. Our investment philosophy revolves around three key pillars: First, we dig where we stand, which means our focus is a widely defined HR sector. Second, the businesses we venture into should have a huge potential over time, and if there is a digital component in the model we get even more excited. Third, we are not a venture capitalist which means we will never sell successful businesses, we build to own for life. That means a long term commitment to everything we do.

The AWX Team

We build businesses where talented people are at the core.

Michael Gårdman

Head of Business Development

Responsible for innovation of new products and services for the AWX group.‍

Jimmy Steisjö

Head of Sales

Responsible for the sales process in AWX Group as Head of Sales. Loves entrepreneurship and making business.

Johan Kyllerman


Growth and transformation oriented leader with a passion for results, people and the world around us. Loves a challenge and lives by a "just do it!" philosophy.‍

Emilia Rydin

Head of People & Performance

People and Performance oriented business woman, who believes in top class leadership as the way to make organizations flourish and reach great business results and one that will always stand up for equality and inclusion.

Leo Hård af Segerstad

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital marketer with a design background. Loves to test new things to constantly improve and also enjoys working with web dev and UI/UX.

Fred Lafquist

Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital strategist with laser focus on front and foremost social media, but also tampers with Google ads and banners. Loves driving growth through digital marketing. Also loves his beard.

Maria Sundgren


Analyst who believes numbers always hold the truth, dedicated to the mission of defining the drivers for growing a business and its profitability, and naturally has a soft spot for Microsoft Excel.

AW Family

AWX is part of the AW Family. Like other families we share a common history and future. Vi aim towards the same vision, are driven by the same core values and help each other to develop. Through hard work and by surrounding ourselves with ambitious people we have gone from being a small startup to an international family of companies. Our success is a result of attracting the right people. With the help of people we make companies to grow and our mission is to make people grow.

5 companies and growing

Since our beginnings in 2015 we have started and acquired 5 companies. We are constantly growing and on the lookout for new interesting business opportunities.

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