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We create amazing companies with global ambitions using the resources we have within the AW Family.

Build companies

Our main focus at AWX is to build successful new companies. We do this by utilizing the resources we have within the Academic Work Family.

Research projects

We conduct long-term research projects in areas that might result in great business models, tools and/or knowledge in the future.

Acquisitions & investments

We are constantly on the lookout for interesting startups in the HR-industry to partner with and/or acquire.

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Academy is the school of the future. We give our students the opportunity to change both industry and profession through our accelerated learning programs. Since we train for the professions that have the highest demand we contribute to closing the competency gap on the labor market.


Instajobs is the little helper in the family. We provide our clients with a digital matchmaking service to help them quickly find and sign consultants for odd jobs on-demand. Our vision is to become the instant local matchmaker, anywhere in the world.

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